Coolicon by Carter Tutti: A Must For Your Vinyl Collection!

Coolicon by @Carter_Tutti @chris_carter_ @coseyfannitutti

This has been on repeat all morning.

Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti have always been at the top of my list of artist I most admire (search for more).

As always, the drones, electronic beats, & synthesizer goodness is plentiful. Sigh!…I needed this today.

Download it from the Carter Tutti Greedbag store or check out @greedbag (twitter) for more.

The 10 inch vinyl is en route and I can’t wait to spin this for others and shake the walls with all this goodness. Enjoy.


NOTE: If you order from Greedbag and have a download coming with your order don’t panic. It takes a couple/few days to process your order. Though waiting for music from Carter Tutti is always worth the wait.


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