Leafcutter John Talks Maria In The Forest (Pro-Tools & Field Recordings)

Leafcutter John has been involved with so many wonderful projects over the years. I first became an admirer of his music after listening to his agoraphobia inspired album-The Housebound Spirit. However, it was The Forest and the Sea where I think he started coming into his own with a unique blend of experimental sounds and electro-acoustic soundscapes.

There are a few other videos related to this one below (not posted here). In one of the other videos he discusses one of his Cycling 74-Max/MSP patches. In the other video he shows us his gaming controllers MIDI modified which he uses to trigger samples within MAX/MSP. He has used lots of his controllers with the jazz quintet-Polar Bear.

I’m posting this 2006 video for some of my friends and colleagues. I’ve referenced it several times. I haven’t seen it online, so, I figured it needed to be shared.

In this video he gives us a track by track breakdown of his song entitled, Maria In The Forest. Using field recordings and modified instruments, the track is filled with beautiful sounds throughout.


For more on Leafcutter John visit his website here.

NOTE: This video is for educational purposes only. Any replication is prohibited.


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