Synthesizer Goodness: Glove and Ghost Releases Debut EP

Glove and Ghost_Dead Drop

“You could say that Vangelis was trying to evoke a bleak future with his Blade Runner score, and Glove and Ghost does its best to conjure up a paranoid past. It’s almost like the antithesis of vaporwave’s blurry VCR–era nostalgia”- The Georgia Straight (Album of the Week)

On January 4th of 2019 I released my debut EP as Glove and Ghost. The responses so far have been heartwarming and overwhelming to say the least.

Since the EP’s release it has been nominated for Album of the Week by the local weekly paper newspaper for Vancouver, The Georgia Straight.

I had a fantastic time working on this collection of tracks. I am really proud of the work and am so thrilled to finally share some music with you.

You can find the latest Glove and Ghost EP on all the mainstream streaming sites and download sites. Some of the places you can find Glove and Ghost’s, Dead Drop are as follows:


Apple Music

If you listen, thank you. If you like it, share it with your friends. Thanks so much for listening.

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