Glove and Ghost-Numbers Station EP (2019) Out Now!

glove and ghost_numbers station_cover

Are numbers station one elaborate cunning hoax, or the well-orchestrated broadcasting language of the intelligence apparatus all around the world. Shortwave radio often being the medium used to listen in.

Who is listening to these shortwave transmissions?

From the well-documented number stations like The Swedish Rhapsody, The Buzzer, Cuba’s-Atencion, America’s early US Cypher Bureau, and Great Britain’s Y Service; numbers, morse and noise are the choice-set of communication.

A long-time fascination with the topic of Cold War and espionage, a chance phone call, and a podcast were the stimulant for the Numbers Station EP. The sequences of numbers becoming intrinsic to the music developed.

Numbers Station was recorded in the very early mornings and a few late nights, over a 2 week period. Experimentation was the standard practice during the Station EP’s production. Why 2 weeks? Deadlines, even self-imposed ones can often yield worthwhile results.

Equipment Used

Hohner Melodica
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 (rev 3.2-3)
Roland SH-2 monophonic synthesizer
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Yamaha DX7IIFD
Allen & Heath ZedR16
Korg Electribe 2S
Fender Jazzmaster

Various samples and software plug-ins were used in the making of these songs.


(Listen to Numbers Station)


released July 14, 2019

Composed, Performed and Recorded by Glove and Ghost
Recorded at London Park Studios (June 2019)
Mixed and Mastered by Jeanot Kermode
Cover artwork and photography by Christopher Tamas Kovacs
featuring ‘Echo’ (from his Europe collection)



all rights reserved