Wendy Carlos Talks Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange & the “Cir-Con.”

I just saw this video today. This appeared on my Facebook feed via Automatic Gainsay. All I can say is that she was an inspiration for many of us. Her music was always epic and seemed so out of reach for a common button pusher like me! Her scores were always noteworthy and were the perfect background for the movies they were part of. She deserves all the recognition and respect she gets.

To see her speak so candidly in this video is heartwarming and brought back so many visual and auditory memories for me. As I mostly only know her from interviews in magazines & limited segments in videos, this is a treat.

She was way more than just her Moog Modular and her Switched On Bach album.


From Youtube.com
Published on 10 Apr 2014
Wendy Carlos plays selections from the soundtracks for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. She plays an instrument she helped design called the Circular Controller or “Cir-Con” and remembers Stanley Kubrick.

No infringement intended. Video uploaded with the intent to share some insight on the artist and her work.


Japanese Techno Girl Loves Roland TB-303, TR-707 & RE-201

Its simple Techno but one can’t help but watch all the lovely electronic gear and appreciate the organization, deliberate gestures, and the overall presentation of it all. All that classic Japanese gear in one video is juicy good.

We’re always fans of girls with synthesizers. Japanese girls with synthesizers get extra points. Enjoy!

Björk – Road To Crystalline, the Video…Not The App!

Check out Björk and her new video for Road To Crystalline one of the tracks from her forthcoming Biophilia.

From Rolling Stone:
…her forthcoming album Biophilia will be released as an “app album,” with an app for each of the record’s 10 tracks. One of the apps, for a song called “Virus,” will be an interactive game in which the listener must stop a virus from destroying a group of cells.

Girls With Synthesizers: Veronica Vasicka Talks Minimal Synthesizers, Drum Machines & Minimal Wave!

I like minimal things. I like minimal synths and drum machines. I also like Veronica Vasicka. Check out this quick Revel In New York video on the great genre of Minimal Wave. She says that now is the time to make minimal sound and noise with all those synthesizers and drum machines. I couldn’t agree more.


From Youtube:
Veronica Vasicka is a photographer, musician, DJ and founder of the epic record label and on-line music resource Minimal Wave. As one of the founding members of East Village Radio, she managed the station during its pirate days and began collecting obscure and long forgotten gems that fell somewhere between the Cold Wave, Post Punk and Minimal Synth genres. Not knowing what to classify these bands as, she coined the genre Minimal Wave and set up the website Minimalwave.org as an online resource to share her finds with the rest of the world.

The response to the website was huge and shortly after its launch, Veronica began tracking these artists down and re-issuing their work on the Minimal Wave label. Most of these bands recorded extremely limited copies of their work in their basements and shared their work with the world via John Peel’s radio show and a handful of underground music mailings. The music released on the label is a stripped down, DIY and purer approach to mainstream synth pop. Never-the-less, fans of New Wave acts, and bands like Kraftwerk, New Order, and Joy Division who are seeking something a bit different or looking to expand upon the familiar genre, will not be disappointed.

In addition to running Minimal Wave, Veronica launched the Cititrax label as way to expose newer synth-based act as well as obscure House and Italo classics. She DJs bi-monthly around New York City and every Sunday night on her East Village Radio show, Minimal Electronik Plus.

Girls With Synthesizers: Mira Aroyo (Ladytron) Talks Leonard Cohen & Death of a Ladies’ Man

Cohen? Yes, yes, yes. Here is Mira Aroyo talking to On The Record about one of her favorite albums, Death of a Ladies’ Man. You can read more about this minx with a synthesizer here, where you can find her playing a Korg MS20 synthesizer and a Korg Delta string synthesizer.

Mira Aroyo talks Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen, Death of a Ladies’ Man

The title tells it all.

“Archangel’s Thunderbird” by Mauve La Biche feat. Cary Grace (Synthesizer Goodness)

Here is another synthesizer filled track provided by Cary Grace. You can find a previous post on Cary Grace here.

The legendary Mauve La Biche covers the Amon Düül II song “Archangel’s Thunderbird” (single release coming soon) with guest vocals and electronics by Cary Grace [ http://www.carygrace.com ].

Guitars and bass by Andy Budge.
Drums by Mark Lilley.

Mixed-media video production by Grant Richter of Wiard Synthesizer Company in collaboration with Cary Grace.

Girls With Synthesizers: Theme For The Airtight Garage, Cary Grace, Buchla 200 Series Electric Music Box

Here is a video of Cary Grace-girl with synthesizer. You can see her perform an impromptu improvisation on the Buchla 200 Series Electric Music Box. She says it was done while taking a break from hand-crafting Wiard 300 Series Modules. She builds her own synthesizer modules?! You know we really like that kind of stuff here at The Synthesizer Book headquarters.

Programming assistance provided by Michael Murphy of Modern Implement Company.

For more on The Airtight Garage and Cary Grace click here.

Jessica Rylan of Flower Electronics: Artist Talk at MIT (TechTV)

I am a quite fond of Jessica Rylan. I wanted to write a much more in depth post about her…she fascinates me that much. However, I just haven’t gotten around to it and I wanted to post this video as it’s been sitting in my drafts for quite some time. I just had to share it with you.

I love my Little Boy Blue synthesizer. This is one of the synthesizers she manufactured at her Flower Electronics company.

If you have a spare hour check this lecture out. You won’t be let down by her intellect and vision. This talk takes place at MIT on June 29, 2009. At this lecture she talks about her music, noise, some of her favorite noise artists and her theories on chaos just for starters. She discusses transistors in good detail. Rylan discusses Don Buchla and what it was like working for him. In the early 1990’s she was able to refurbish the Harvard University Buchla 100 system, at a time when she couldn’t afford one. One of my favorite anecdotes was her commentary on Bob Moog and his comments on Keith Emerson. Very good stuff!

Check out some of the The Synthesizer Book videos on Youtube here).

From MIT site:
A sound artist and electronic musician who builds unique analog synthesizers, Rylan has performed across North America and throughout Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia; conducted workshops in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Ghent, Belgium; and Kabelvåg, Norway; and created sound installations at MIT’s LIST Visual Arts Center, the Boston Center for the Arts, and elsewhere. Her recordings are available on labels including Important Records, Ecstatic Peace, and RRRecords.

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on her new Jealous Hearts Modular Synthesizer

voltage controlled low frequency oscillator (LFO)
asymmetrical multimode filter (low pass/bandpass/high pass)
1/4″ input with variable gain
white and dark noise
two audio inputs, one with -/+ attenuator
two filter cutoff voltage control inputs, one with -/+ attenuator
powder-coated aluminum case
supplied with:
set of 7 banana patch cords