Glove and Ghost-Numbers Station EP (2019) Out Now!

glove and ghost_numbers station_cover

Are numbers station one elaborate cunning hoax, or the well-orchestrated broadcasting language of the intelligence apparatus all around the world. Shortwave radio often being the medium used to listen in.

Who is listening to these shortwave transmissions?

From the well-documented number stations like The Swedish Rhapsody, The Buzzer, Cuba’s-Atencion, America’s early US Cypher Bureau, and Great Britain’s Y Service; numbers, morse and noise are the choice-set of communication.

A long-time fascination with the topic of Cold War and espionage, a chance phone call, and a podcast were the stimulant for the Numbers Station EP. The sequences of numbers becoming intrinsic to the music developed.

Numbers Station was recorded in the very early mornings and a few late nights, over a 2 week period. Experimentation was the standard practice during the Station EP’s production. Why 2 weeks? Deadlines, even self-imposed ones can often yield worthwhile results.

Equipment Used

Hohner Melodica
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 (rev 3.2-3)
Roland SH-2 monophonic synthesizer
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Yamaha DX7IIFD
Allen & Heath ZedR16
Korg Electribe 2S
Fender Jazzmaster

Various samples and software plug-ins were used in the making of these songs.


(Listen to Numbers Station)


released July 14, 2019

Composed, Performed and Recorded by Glove and Ghost
Recorded at London Park Studios (June 2019)
Mixed and Mastered by Jeanot Kermode
Cover artwork and photography by Christopher Tamas Kovacs
featuring ‘Echo’ (from his Europe collection)



all rights reserved

A Note On David Bowie

David Bowie is the optimiy of what an artist should be.  He taught us all to throw away the rule books and do whatever we wanted in the name of art.  To name all the the artists he influenced is nearly impossible. He always had glamour and a unique style that can never be duplicated.

I think his album Low is indeed one of the most truly admired albums by my circle of friends. Nonetheless, for me, it is virtually impossible to find fault with much of his work.

His collaborators were vast and the output always noteworthy.

David Bowie with ARP String Synthesizer on Iggy Pop Tour

I think the words said about him today and always will resonate with us forever.

Until the last moment of his life he was still giving us art.  This video for Lazarus was his parting gift.

David Bowie, thank you for influencing me so very much. And thank you for influencing all the artists I so greatly admire.

the synthesizer book



New Order announce New Album ‘Music Complete’, watch the trailer

New Order have a new album coming out Sept 25, 2015 called ‘Music Complete’

Sonic More Music


New Order have a new album coming out Sept 25, 2015 called ‘Music Complete’

The long awaited album will be New Order’s first full studio release since 2005’s Waiting For The Siren’s Call, and their debut for Mute. Music Complete finds the group revitalised, and where the group has previously pushed toward electronics or guitars, here the two are in balance. Music Complete also marks a return to the studio for Gillian Gilbert, this is her first album with New Order since 2001’s Get Ready.

The album will be released on CD, download and limited edition clear vinyl. In addition, there will be an exclusive 8-piece deluxe vinyl collection that includes the album plus extended versions of all 11 tracks on coloured vinyl

New Order are: Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert, Stephen Morris, Tom Chapman and Phil Cunningham.

Music Complete is produced by New Order, except ‘Singularity’ and ‘Unlearn This Hatred’, both produced by Tom Rowlands…

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The Past, Present, and Future of Tonite: Peter Hecher Talks About His Popular Synth Label


Peter Hecher, also known as PH Groove, is the founder of Tonite Records. Photo Credit: Hecher. Peter Hecher, also known as PH Groove, is the founder of Tonite Records. He’s seen here in his studio in Vancouver. Photo Credit: Hecher.

Tonite Records founder Peter Hecher recently talked to Vehlinggo about the founding of the label — and sister label Lunar Boogie — along with how he met FM Attack and his connection to fellow Canadian retrosynther Miami Nights 1984. Of course, he also addressed the question at the forefront of everyone’s minds: What’s next?

I’ve long been fascinated by Tonite Records, sister label Lunar Boogie, and the individual artists in either organization.

I fondly remember the opening synthesizers on 2010’s Astrowave EP, released five years ago on Tonite by Shawn “FM Attack” Ward. Label founder Peter Hecher’s solo project, PH Groove, has put out some great work, such as last year’s “Arcade Feel.” And, of course, there is FM Attack’s masterpiece album Deja Vu, which is…

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My Brief Thoughts On Bernard Sumner’s Book: Chapter And Verse [New Order, Joy Division and me]

bernard sumner chapter and verse book

I had to special order this book from the UK. I just couldn’t wait to read this when it became available in North America. In just a few days I devoured every page. This is an absolutely quick and brilliant read.

It’s about time Bernard chimed in with his historical version of his youth, life in Joy Division, New Order, Electronic,etc. I loved the mystique surrounding the band while they were the soundtrack to much of my youth. Although, I enjoyed finally being able to see behind Bernard Sumner’s curtain too.

I’ve read some reviews about a lack of coverage of certain New Order albums in this book. Of course as a lifelong fan, I wanted more. As a fan you always want more. Especially, all the work in the 1980’s for me. Nonetheless, there is plenty here for old fans and new.

If you are looking for the most comprehensive book on New Order and Joy Division you might not get it here. There are plenty of books on the subject of the JD & No. Also, there is a world wide web on which to start too. For me, when someone (Bernard Sumner) has stayed away from the limelight for so long, getting a concentrated focus in a book like this is a very positive thing for any fan.

New Order will forever be a band of 4 beautiful music makers to me. As a realist I know the original four member lineup seems unlikely any time soon. So, I choose to take comfort in all of their past work instead. I look forward to all of their output in the present and future regardless. Whether it’s a collaboration, side project or solo work, I will forever be a fanboy.

My nine year old son can now claim that one of his first concerts was New Order. The first concert he went to was Kraftwerk just a week before. The fact that he saw it with me?…yep, it’s the sweetest perfection.

For the synthesizer heads reading this and wanting some insight on the gear, you will undoubtedly find quite a bit of it in this book too. From Joy Division’s “no-synths” attitude, to how it became a vital part of their sound.

Get it. Read it. Dig it.

In The Studio With Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner

Get a glimpse of Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner’s studio in this interview and picture set. Robin Rimbaud is still a favourite of The Synthesizer Book! Enjoy

Headphone Commute

Scanner Studio April 2014

Among his many monikers, Robin Rimbaud is most known for his work as Scanner with releases dating back to the early 90s, and a vast discography on labels such as Ash InternationalSub Rosa, and his very own imprint, Bette. What started as a focused fascination with radio waves, mobile phone signals, and police scanners, has evolved into a full-blown production and artistry of enormous proportions, the inner workings of which we are honored to share with you today.

Lets start at the very beginning. Can you tell us how you got involved in composing, and what was your very first piece of gear?
I used to play with a cheap 1970s plastic hand-held tape recorder we had at home when I was about 8-10 years, recording tv shows, family and playing in the garden with my Action Man soldiers. I still have the original tapes where I…

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