Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) Launches Scanner Shop

Nothing moves at the edges of the mind

His list of artistic accomplishments is immense. His use of a radio scanner to provide found sound for his recordings was an important inspiration. He continues to seek new approaches for creating his music and can be counted on for delivering good original content, every time. So, if your interested in some good music, and want to learn more about Robin Rimbaud/Scanner go to his website (see blogroll).

The Scanner Shop is now live and open for business. It’s at the greediest of bags too! If it’s here, it got played more than once.

1.Scanner-Lauwarm Instrumentals
2.Scannerfunk-Wave Of Light By Wave of Light
3.Scanner-Reason By Heart, Sleep By Twilight
4.His project with DJ Spooky got played endlessly… Scanner Vs DJ Spooky-The Quick and the Dead


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